Cowork by RSD

Love this space that I get to work in! The areas are clean, building manager is a delight, the coffee is yummy and having rotating taps is quite the perk! It would be wonderful to have more spaces like this around town by RSD.

– Cowork by RSD private office renter

Tenant of 6 years

Tamra is very easy to work with. She is always involved, responsive and immediately ready to solve any problem we might have had in the past. We always know what is happening in the building because of Tamra’s emails and updates. That brings us comfort and a feeling of care and involvement.

– Tenant since 2013

Tenant of 8 years

The parking lot has been consistently and well maintained, lights installed and repaired, snow promptly removed in the winter, with summer sweeping and striping done on a regular basis.

– Tenant since 2011

Tenant for past 5 years

I’m happy to recommend RSD largely due to the pleasant and business-minded client service Tamra provides on a consistent basis. We have found the management group to be responsive, reasonable and equitable.

– Tenant since 2014

Tenant for past 17 years

RSD is very hands-on with regard to this property. It’s obvious that our building manager, Tamra, is a true management professional. She quickly responds to issues and requests and keeps the tenants in the loop through e-mail. We have access to her daytime phone as well as an evening emergency number.

– Tenant since 2006

Tenant from 810 N Street

They have an excellent and well-trained team of individuals who manage, maintain and improve their buildings, and their pride of ownership in each of the facilities is self-evident. Ms. Tamra Rupe, RSD LLC Building Manager, makes herself and her team readily available to meet the needs of RSD tenants, and they quickly and efficiently accommodate any reasonable request. These folks are consistently upgrading and improving their properties and their janitorial staff does an excellent job of cleaning the tenant offices while being circumspect about tenant privacy and property.
– Tenant from 810 N Street

810 N Street, Suite 100 Anchorage, AK 99501 • (907) 258-8800