911 W 8th Avenue

Beautiful and affordable office space that features an elevator, HVAC system, individual thermostats, common area atrium, restrooms, handicap ramp and parking lot available. One block away from the Delaney Park Strip with close proximity to the courthouse! The leases are full service less janitorial.

Suites available

Co-Working Short Term Private Offices Coming Soon!

Rental Rate:
Lease Type: Month to Month Subscription

This will be a technologically modern co-working space spanning three stories featuring loads of amenities on a subscription/membership basis. *Call for details.

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202 E 26th 202 E 26th Ave
3003 Minnesota Drive 3003 Minnesota Drive
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4050 Lake Otis Parkway 4050 Lake Otis Parkway
731 N Street 731 N Street
750 W 2nd Ave 750 W 2nd Avenue
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911 W 8th Ave 911 W 8th Avenue
921 W 6th Ave 921 W 6th Avenue
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